Dec 4, 2014

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What do Bavarian women wear in the winter?

What do Bavarian women wear in the winter?

Almost everyone knows what a proper dirndl outfit for the Oktoberfest looks like. Or is there anyone reading this who didn’t know that a dirndl is made up of three pieces, is worn with pumps or ballerina shoes, and is accessorised with small, heart-shaped felt handbag and matching jewelley? Well, if you didn’t know this – or just want to revise your knowledge – then you’ll find enough information on our blog.

What a few of you might not know, however, is if/how dirndls are worn in icy winter temperatures. Lots of people only have their dirndls on for the Oktoberfest or other Bavarian festivals, which tend to take place in the summer or early autumn.

The basic materials of traditional Bavarian costume are, however, just made for winter: leather, loden, wool. And clothing in Bavaria has always been made to handle working outside in the icy temperatures of the alps, and this means that today’s Bavarian fashion has no shortage of winter warmers. Here’s our brief overview of different winter outfits you might see in Munich and surroundings.



Warm, figure-hugging loden jacket.

Dirndls aren’t just for the Oktoberfest! The traditional models are long (70cm skirt or more) and, combined with long-sleeved blouses, petticoats, and woollen stockings, are great at keeping out the cold – all the while offering a great vintage style. Wear with strong shoes, or even booties, and knitted cardigans and top with fashionable berets or hats; if the mercury really starts sinking, then traditional Bavarian ladies reach for their loden and leather jackets to put on over their wool: it’s all about layering!


Country-house style (also referred to by its German name “landhaus”) also has plenty of winter gear: long, thick skirts featuring leather elements to go with real hard-wearing boots. Then there are blouses with denim fabrics to warm the upper body, brilliant with wool and leather jackets.


Some of the completely new looks that have become popular in recent years can also be adapted to winter. Jeans with lederhosen-style stitching aren’t just available as hotpants, but down to knee-length; traditional jeans can also be combined with Bavarian-style tops and worn with a leather jacket to make an everyday outfit with an alpine twist.

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