Dec 11, 2014

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What do Bavarians wear in the winter?

What do Bavarians wear in the winter?

Everyone knows what men wear at the Oktoberfest: lederhosen with matching shirts, shoes, and woolly socks. You might see the odd satin waistcoat or a knitted jacket, too, but what do wear when temperatures are heading towards zero and Munich’s Theresienwiese is empty and cold?

Last week, we took a look at the options women in Bavaria have and pointed out how great traditional Bavarian clothing is for the winter: it’s no surprise that a mountainous farming region uses so much leather, loden, and wool. Here’s are guide on how to keep the cold out and still look sharp.


As surprising as this might be, a classic Bavarian outfit for winter doesn’t actually differ much from summer clothing: the typical pair of leather breaches, for example, is short but offers excellent protection against the cold for the thighs; the lower legs are covered by the same big chunky socks that are worn in summer – all you need to do is pull them up! And the leather shoes – Haferlschuhe – to go with lederhosen are real all-weather footwear featuring a rugged, grip sole that can handle ice and snow as well as Oktoberfest beer bottles. Up top, a classic winter outfit for guys might look a little different, with long-sleeved woollen cardigans replacing the waistcoats and full loden or deerskin leather overcoats to keep cold winds and rain at bay – all crowned with knitted woolly hats or proper felt headgear.


A smart loden jacket keeps this gentleman warm – hot, even.


Besides traditional clothing, Bavarian country style offers a range of pieces that are just made for winter, like long leather trousers, for example. Although the traditional Tracht lederhosen are knee-length or shorter, even the hardest Bavarians there are won’t turn down a pair that go all the way down the ankles if the temperatures stay below zero for too long. Combine with a leather waistcoat as a body-warmer or a woollen cardigan to keep things soft and comfy.


Last but not least, a lot of the more recent trends in Bavarian fashion are perfect for winter, too. Why not try a standard pair of jeans and a chilled-out long-sleeve top with alpine design elements, finished with one of the trendy new cardigans and a pair of sturdy boots? Or denim jackets with a Bavarian twist, the next big thing for 2015? Worn over a cardigan, they’ll keep you warm and keep you looking up-to-date, too. But, as all Bavarians know, nothing beats a really good quality leather jacket – that’s the main element in all the best winter outfits.

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