Aug 27, 2014

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Dirndl handbags have never been this colourful

Dirndl handbags have never been this colourful

With the days to the Oktoberfest in Munich rapidly decreasing, we’re starting to think not just about our dirndl (we’ve already bought our model for this year and tried it on a few times…), but about our exact outfit planning. Are we going to wear different aprons and shoes? Which other accessories are we going to vary to keep things fresh? And, in so doing, we come to that oft-forgotten fifth piece of the five-item Oktoberfest outfit line-up: 1. dirndl dress, 2. dirndl blouse, 3. dirndl apron, 4. shoes, and – finally – 5. a dirndl handbag.

But, you might ask, what exactly are dirndl handbags, and why would we need one?


For a long while, this was as colourful as dirndl handbags got.

A dirndl handbag – nicknamed a “heart handbag” in German because of its frequently hear-shaped design, is a smaller-than-usual ladies’ handbag decorated with typically Bavarian motifs which both complement the dirndl and us girls to take everything we need in close reach at the Wiesn with us and keep it safe.

There are two reason why we wouldn’t recommend replacing it with a normal handbag: firstly, most standard handbags just don’t have that traditional Oktoberfest look – i.e. typical “smart” handbags made from black leather generally look out of place; secondly, larger ladies’ handbags are just not made to handle the challenges of the Oktoberfest, being both too large to keep about you all the time and too heavy for bare skin around your shoulder area.

For a long time dirndl handbags concentrated on these issues: they were made small using hard-wearing felt and fitted with detachable satin straps. But as useful as they were, they were also much of a muchness, being almost to a bag heart-shaped, dark, and limited to details in Bavarian blue or beige. Decoration came in the form of rhinestones – and that was it.


Now, you’ll all kinds of new shades on dirndl handbags.

But those times are past! Now, the new colours in Bavarian fashion are bringing new shades onto dirndl handbags: light green, bright red, and not just in the sewn-on details or on the trim, but all over the bags. You’ll find check patterns galore and neat decorative elements such as deer, hearts, and pretzels (not edible!). These mini-handbags and shoulder-bags have never been more colourful than they are this season.

You’ll also find handbags with Bavarian style traits made of smooth leather to match the new ranges of leather pants for ladies. They’re larger and a little tougher, and that works with lederhosen just fine – as long as there is some small Bavarian embroidery to make sure that it looks the part.

And, thankfully, this season had simply everything you need!

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