Sep 27, 2013

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How to wear lederhosen

How to wear lederhosen

So you’ve acquired your first pair of traditional lederhosen and are on your way to the Oktoberfest? That’s great,  but there’s a few things you should remember about how to wear lederhosen before your rock up to the tents.


If you have bought a proper hat (and not one of those foolish wizard’s ones), then good for you. But remember: a proper hat is worn by a true gentleman, and people will have certain expectations regarding your conduct. So if you wearing one, doff it at ladies and remove it entirely when you enter a tent or, at the very latest, sit down at a table. Since you’ll have to put the hat somewhere, you might want to consider whether to take it with you at all if you’re not headed for a beer garden.


There are those who decry the neckerchief as touristy and not part of real Bavarian costume, but we like it. After all, being immediately identifiable as non-native could save you some mix-ups and people will know to speak English to you right away. If someone tries to tell you that there’s a secret code to how to tie them, however, like there is with the apron strings on a ladies’ dirndl, then they’re having you on!

And do make sure your kerchief doesn’t clash with your shirt: a blue tie to a red shirt, a red to a blue, or any coloured material to a smart white top.

The Lederhosen fit

Your lederhosn should be slightly loose and sit below your waist. We’re not talking gangsta rapper-style baggy jeans, but don’t try to go for the hipster skinny trouser-leg look either. The way to regulate the height at which your lederhosen sit is using the braces, which can be opened and closed like a belt. If you’re wearing your lederhosen without the braces, by the way, then you’ll need to use the laces at the back.


The fact that a pair of lederhosn always has a knife-pocket means that some people assume it’s okay to carry a knife if you’re wearing them. It clearly is never okay to carry a knife.

Wrapping up

If you need something to wear over your lederhosen, but can’t afford a five-hundred-Euro loden coat, just go for anything made of natural fabrics. But please, whatever you do, avoid sports jackets!

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