Jul 15, 2015

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Only two months to go until the Oktoberfest 2015

Only two months to go until the Oktoberfest 2015

Now that summer is firmly ensconced, it seems odd to be thinking about its end – but end it must. And there’s no reason to feel sad, either, because the summer ends on a real high note: the Oktoberfest at the end of September. A last week or so of lovely Indian summer weather, a last few days of drinking in beer gardens and eating al fresco, a final fling before the leaves fall from the trees and the nights draw in.

If the Oktoberfest is how the summer ends, then bring on the end!

And we’re already excited, as we only have wait another two months, until Saturday 19th September, when the first barrel of celebratory Wiesn beer for the Munich Oktoberfest 2015 will be tapped and those magic two words will echo through Schottenhamel: “O’zapft is’!

For those of us who know the Oktoberfest, this year – like every one before it – will see some minor but important changes to a festival that, otherwise, always remains true to itself. Here is our round up of the 10 things to look out for at the Oktoberfest 2015.

1. Hühnerbraterei Poschner has disappeared!
Not all of you will specifically remember this small chicken stand, but many of you will probably have eaten there without taking much note the name. And despite being on the Theresienwiese for more than 80 years to date, this life-saving dispenser of roast poultry has not had its licence renewed for 2015. No-one knows why (when it comes to the practice of awarding Oktoberfest concessions, the word “transparency” is about as appropriate as it is in North Korea), but everyone is sad..

Heuer zum zweiten Mal dabei: Der Marstall

Back for a second year: the Marstall tent

2. Marstall will be making another appearance
Last year’s newcomer tent will be back for second year running, meaning that it will now be pretty much part of the furniture and that its landlord Siegfried Able has got a licence to print money for the foreseeable future – unless he gets into trouble with the tax authorities…

3. Hippodrom has reappeared 
…like a certain predecessor of his on that spot of hallowed Wiesn ground, Sepp Krätz. This entrepreneur is, however, not letting the small matter of losing his licence due to a conviction for tax fraud get in the way of making more money: much to the delight of those who miss the Hippodrom tent, he is reopening a small version of it near the Theresienwiese as an after-hours party location!

4. The boat swing isn’t disappearing (just yet)
For those who like their rides old skool, the good news is that the final remaining manual boat swing will, once again, be returning to the Oktoberfest 2015, probably outside Käfer’s. So all you lads who want to impress a lady by doing a full 360 can get training in your local playgrounds.

Künftig nicht mehr verpflichtend dabei.

This won’t be an obligatory part of the furniture this year.

5. Reservations just for Munich residents have appeared
This one has taken almost everybody by surprise, but the city council has ordered the big tents to make 15% of the seats they have to keep free of prior reservations available to Munich residents booking in advance. So get to know someone with an ID card with “München” as place of residence….

6. Menus are starting to disappear
For anyone who has actually reserved ahead of time (kudos to you if you managed it!), the good news is that tents are now forbidden from foisting expensive three-course menus on people booking tables (a widespread practice to date). At the Oktoberfest 2015, those who just want to book a table for an afternoon of beer and chicken can do so without unwanted (if delicious) radish starters and heavy puddings.

7. Trained doormen will not disappear
Just like last year, door service personnel will have to take a short training course and remain identifiable while on duty. Just like last year, they’ll be rude and rough people up anyway.

Teurer denn ja dabei!

Frothier and pricier than ever before!

8. Oide Wiesn is not disappearing (this year)
In 2016, this traditional “Olde Worlde” Wiesn extension has to make way for the quarter-annual farming roadshow, so let’s make sure we get the best out of it this year round.!

9. Schützen-Festzelt will be appearing somewhat different
Everybody loves Schützenfestzelt, and they’ll soon be room for more of those who like it: the tent will be getting bigger, but has to reduce its footprint to keep the gangway between it and Winzerer Fähndl broad enough in case of emergency. This can only mean thing: it’s going to get taller.

10. Beer will be reappearing – with a new price tag.
Yep, it’s pricier (minimum €10.00). Yep, we’re still going to fork out.

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