Sep 21, 2013

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Ozapft is!

Ozapft is!

The Mayor of Munich, or the “Oberbürgermeister” to give him his proper title (as we like to), has just tapped the first keg, shouting “Ozapft is!” “It has been tapped” – and the Oktoberfest has begun. A troop of costumed riflemen has fired off twelve shots at the foot of the Bavaria steps, and now all the other tent owners know that they are allowed to start serving beer.

Now, as old as this tradition may seem, it was certainly not part of the festivities in their early years. As a matter of fact, the Mayor has only been invited to tap the first keg since 1950, when it took Mayor Thomas Wimmer 19 hits with the hammer before the beer started flowing. By comparison, the current Oberbürgermeister Christtian Ude has got it down to a fine art, managing to drive the spigot in with just two smacks flat every year since 2008.

Now that he has, that famous request can sound out: “Ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!” And now the reply can be yelled: „Oans, zwoa, gsuffa!“ followed by that all-important particle, „Prost!

We will be around over the coming days to keep you supplied with exciting information, stories, and pictures from the Wiesn: but first, we’re off to drink a few rounds…

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