Aug 26, 2015

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Essentials for the Wiesn 2015

What do you absolutely have to have to go to the 2015 Oktoberfest? What do you need before you’ll feel comfortable hitting the “Wiesn 2015”? The simplest answer is also the shortest: you’ll need some cash, a few friends or acquaintances, and your best partying mood! On one level, that is more than enough.

On one level. What, however, if you want to really shine at the Munich Oktoberfest? What if you don’t want to be just another tourist in standard shop-bought lederhosen or dirndl outfits? What if you want to really contribute to making the Wiesn in 2015 what it has been in every year to date: a celebration of Bavarian tradition – and of Bavarian trends? A unique event with a unique atmosphere?

Well, if you want to go that level deeper and really give something back to the festival and the region that has given us so much, make sure you adapt your outfit to account for these authentic Bavarian trends.


Yes, sounds odd, but whether you’re a he or she, whether it’s in the form of a dirndl or a pair of shorts, good old denim is the trending material of the year. The idea is that, just like the traditional leather, denim was once the clothing of working people; and it certainly does stand up well to conditions in the tents….


Printed designs

Prints have developed from being a niche thing to a key feature of this year’s Oktoberfest fashion: while they used only to be found on themed t-shirts and long-sleeves or on jazzed-up check shirts, they’re now everywhere, even on the aprons of new-season dirndls. So if you prefer things plain and simple, be prepared to join the minority at the Wiesn 2015.



Here’s another old work-a-day fabric celebrating a revival as part of traditional Bavarian dress. Yes, especially if you’re a man, expect to see lots of clothing in linen this year. It has genuine advantages: light and comfortable in extreme tent heat, linen is also fully washable and so the ideal material to replace leather in lederhosen-style shorts or loden in smart jackets. It’s also by no means as expensive as other materials, and so will no doubt be popular.


Multi-coloured check

Here’s another one for you guys out there. While check shirts – or, as our American cousins would say, “plaid shirts” – at the Oktoberfest used to be either blue, green, or red with white, recent years have seen all sorts of colour experiments. This year, however, a new barrier is being breached as, to date, almost all lederhosen shirts were two-tone: 2015 will see the first three or even four-colour checked shirts worn to the Wiesn.


Frilly garters

This one is most definitely for the girls: the “loverli” is a Bavarian garter – i.e. a band worn around the leg, originally to hold up stockings, now as a fashion statement. We predicted it would make a comeback last year, and indeed it did. The Wiesn 2015 should be the year it now becomes fully mainstream. We’re certainly of the opinion that every girl should have one.

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