Apr 11, 2018

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Underwear for dirndls and lederhosen

Underwear for dirndls and lederhosen

You might have heard about special underwear for dirndls and lederhosen wondered why/if you need it. While underpants specifically for wear with lederhosen is few and far between (and rumours that true Bavarian men go commando underneath remaining stubborn), it certainly is true that underwear made specifically for dirndls helps ladies get their outfit just right.

Underwear for dirndls

Dirndl underskirts and petticoats
Underwear for dirndls“Petticoats?” we hear you ask: “What is this, the 19th century?” As odd as it may sound, though, it’s worth remembering that dirndls are traditional wear and so wear designed to be worn with long underskirts. As such, they can look quite folorn without the extra volume provided by the layers intended to be worn below them.

Luckily, you don’t need to go raiding local vintage stores (or granny’s wardrobe): most sites selling dirndls also sell a range of underskirts and petticoats in white, black or ecru/beige. When buying, make sure you go for trim around the bottom because, although they’re generally a few centimetres shorter than standard dirndl skirts (55cm for 60cm dirnds; 65 for 70cm etc.), underskirts can often be found poking out from underneath.

Underwear for dirndlsBloomers
Petticoats are not always available for shorter dirndls – especially the mini-lengths at 50cm or so – and don’t really make sense with this more modern version of the traditional Bavarian dirndl in any case. We recommend (deep breath: unattractive vocabulary coming up here) bloomers, i.e. underpants for women which fit securely both at the waist and, most importantly, around the upper thighs. As old fashioned as they sound, they are just perfect for today’s shorter dirndl skirts (and all the more so if you’re planning to stand on the benches and dance in the tents at the Oktoberfest…)

Underwear for dirndlsBras
Dirndl bras? If that sounds like something invented to sell women heading to the Oktoberfest yet more clothing they don’t really need, you’d be… wrong. Dirndl bras are actually different to standard models in that their cups are softer (the corset of a dirndl does all the pushing anyway) and have slender straps further out on the shoulders (which ensures they don’t spoil the effect of a plunging neckline and wide collar). So there!

Underwear for lederhosen

There is no special underwear for lederhosen on the market, but we recommend thinking carefully about what to wear with your leather breeches. Firstly, we’d recommend going for boxers (guys) or hipster pants (girls): to those of you who aren’t used to wearing leather directly on the skin, having a layer between covering as much as possible is best. What is more, the inside seams of a pair of lederhosen can chafe, so that’s another reason to avoid briefs – and to make sure you’ve got plenty of support.

What’s more, on a purely practical level, we recommend opting for underwear with stash pockets: that way, you can take just the cash you want to spend while at the Oktoberfest/in the beer garden and leave your wallet at home. Given the amount of drinking you’re likely to do, it’s always a good idea to reduce the valubles you keep on yourself to an absolute minimum…

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