Jun 29, 2013

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Oktoberfest & Dirndls: A Match Made in Heaven

Oktoberfest & Dirndls: A Match Made in Heaven

We love the Oktoberfest, and we love the clothes people wear there – so much so that we’ve started a blog about them.

Insider tips and stories about the Oktoberfest, new ideas about dirndls, lederhosen, and all the other great things you can wear, as well as information about Munich, Bavarian beer and food, and everything else you can think of relating to the Oktoberfest: that is what you can expect from our blog.

You just can’t imagine the Oktoberfest, or “Wiesn” as its called in Munich, without Bavarian traditional dress: dirndls and lederhosen are the national costume of Bavaria, much like kilts for the Scottish, and people there wear them with pride. Unlike the Scottish kilt, however, dirndl dresses and lederhosen sets look great on anyone – and everyone is allowed to wear them.

Back in the bad old days of The Sound of Music, Bavarian dress was drab, dowdy, and definitely not sexy. But since then, loads of exciting new styles have become available as young people have become more and more interested in the traditional dress: shorter dresses for the ladies who want them, lederhosen cut for the man of today, and whole new ranges of shades and tones .Nowadays, you’ll find dirndls and lederhosen of every cut and colour being worn at the Oktoberfest – by people of every size and shape.DSC_2382

So if you’re planning to go to the Oktoberfest, take a look at some proper Bavarian gear: you’ll definitely find something to suit you! And keep reading for all the information you need to really understand and enjoy the world’s biggest party.


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