Jul 1, 2013

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Oktoberfest Lederhosen outfits

Oktoberfest Lederhosen outfits

If you‘re a guy going to the Oktoberfest, you’re heading to the promised land: it’s like Bavaria was invented as the home country for beer-drinking men across the world. Great tasting amber-nectar in sturdy one-litre tankards, proper man-food like roast chicken and knuckles of pork, and lots of lovely-looking ladies in flattering dresses. So really, the least you can do is to honour Bavaria – and said lovely ladies – by donning some traditional gear: an authentic lederhosen outfit.

Traditional Lederhosen costume

The well-dressed Bavarian male requires the following items of Lederhosen-related clothing.

1. Lederhosen – usually shorts or three-quarter length, come with braces, made of suede leather, goatskin, or deerskin. Pronounced to rhyme with “maid” or “braid”.

2. Shirt – most often either plain white or check, either button or pull-over, often with a smart collar.

3. Shoes – also made of leather or deerskin, sturdy boot cut below the ankle (Bavarians call them “Haferlschuhe”)

4. Socks – you need thick woolly socks, either at half  or knee length.

5. Accessories – it might sound a bit feminine, but no self-respecting wearer of Lederhosen will be caught without at least one accessory item, the most popular being hunting hats, neck-kerchiefs, and – for the more adventurous – “Charivari” hip-bracelets.


This cheeky chappy on the right has got almost everything he needs – all he’s missing is a kerchief around his neck or a hat on his head to set it off.

On their way to or away from the tent, stylish Bavarians cover up with a range of thick woolly cardigans, velvet gilets, and leather waistcoats. If it’s especially cold, you’ll see some beautiful deerskin or loden jackets being worn.

What you won’t see are macs or sports jackets. In fact, as a general piece of advice, the important thing to remember is that a pair of Lederhosen on its own, no matter how expensive, looks a bit silly! If you’re planning to wear your newly-acquired suede shorts with a hoody and a pair of Reebok classics, you might just as well save your money and put on your best pair of jeans and a lumberjack shirt – a far more financially-efficient way to look manly in the beer tent.

Remember, a Lederhosen needs a full Lederhosen outfit to look good!


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