Aug 7, 2013

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Why wear authentic Bavarian clothing at the Oktoberfest?

Why wear authentic Bavarian clothing at the Oktoberfest?

Maybe you’re hesitating about whether to buy some Bavarian costume for the Oktoberfest – and in view of the fact that, if you want to avoid looking stupid, you’ll have to fork out more than £150 just to get started, we can see why you might be wondering whether it’s worth it.

Of course, we think it is, and here are a few reasons why.

1. Making the effort

So it’s not like you’re going to get welcomed by cheering crowds at the entrance to the Wiesn just because you’re wearing something vaguely Bavarian, but making an effort to look less like a typical British stag or hen party will go a long way to getting you a warm welcome. There are a small minority of Bavarians who think that only real Bavarians of generations’ standing should be allowed to wear lederhosen and dirndl, and that everything manufactured after 1950 is not authentic Bavarian clothing: the rest is just really happy to see everyone dressing to suit what is, for them, a very special occasion and a part of what makes their region what it is. Also, peer pressure should not be underestimated: half to three-quarters of people in the tents are wearing lederhosen and dirndl – make sure you’re one of them.

2. Being kind to yourself

There are some cuts and styles of clothing that don’t look great on everyone: horizontal stripes are a bad look if you’re not tall and thin, but low-hip jeans can be a nightmare if you have long legs; bright, neon t-shirts might look odd if you’re not tanned, as can charcoal grey… the list is endless, especially for girls, given the variety of looks in female fashion.

But: lederhosen and dirndl suit everyone! Ladies: if you’re working with a classic hourglass figure, a dirndl will show it to its best advantage – and if you haven’t got that perfect coke-bottle shape, a dirndl will give it to you by pushing up your cleavage and emphasising your hips. A few pounds too many around your midriff? The dirndl will make those disappear! A few pounds too few on your bust? The dirndl will make them appear! As for you guys, the lederhosen shows off muscular legs and adds substance to thin ones, while the thick, chunky waistline can be really handy for detracting from a sub-optimum stomach area.

3. Fit for purpose

Dirndls and lederhosen are made for the climate of Bavaria and for typical Bavarian activities, like sitting in a beer garden or dancing on benches. They’re hard-wearing pieces of clothing that can handle a lot: it takes more than a stumble to rip a dirndl bodice, and more than a bit of roast chicken fat to ruin a lederhosen – in fact, lederhosen look better with a bit of “sheen” on them… Traditional Bavarian clothing is also perfect for unpredictable weather. Warm enough to withstand a short shower or a gust of wind, but light and adjustable for when it gets warm around midday. A big plus: thanks to lace up openings at the back, both lederhosen and dirndl are adjustable and can be pulled tighter or loosened up to give you more “breathing space” or to sit cosily on the skin.

4. A special treat

The Oktoberfest is a special occasion, and just like you might get dressed up for Christmas for your birthday, it’s nice to mark the festival with equally special clothing. You’ll feel different when you put on your Bavarian outfit, and your Oktoberfest will be all the more memorable because of it.

5. What else are you going to wear?

A t-shirt with “I heart Oktoberfest”? Cheap stag-do costume lederhosen? A “sexy Heidi” outfit that barely covers your crotch? Come on! Buy authentic Bavarian clothing!


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