Aug 21, 2014

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Loferl: lads, they’ll blow your socks off!

Loferl: lads, they’ll blow your socks off!

You might have seen them at previous Oktoberfests – perhaps even been curious about them – but would never thought of have wearing them. What are we talking about? “Loferl”, a Bavarian dialect word for those funny “calf-warmers” that a lot of the older locals wear with their Lederhosen instead of longstockings; they come with small “trainer socks” that sit inside the shoe, too, and so form a kind of cool set.

Now, for the longest time, even Germans who weren’t for Bavaria didn’t know much about these socks. And even if they wanted to wear them, they wouldn’t have known to where to buy them as they were very much a local phenomenon. Recently, though, this has changed as the first online lederhosen retailers have started to offer a wider range of authentic Bavarian socks in their collections – including strapping “Loferl” calf-socks. And that means that there’s no longer anything to stop you putting the last piece in your Oktoberfest-outfit puzzle and going 100% native!


Classic Loferl block-colouring here.

Then again, this hearty woollen leg-wear does not by any means suit every form of lederhosen, so caution is advised.

The main pitfall to avoid is wearing Loferl with over-knee lederhosen. With knee-length leather breeches, the calf-part of the sock set looks like it is an odd extension of the trouser and leaves an odd gap down to the shoe. If you have these mid-length lederhosen, the best bet is to opt for knee-socks, which can be worn rolled down during the day and then pulled up a night to keep the draught off. Loferl can really only be worn with short lederhosen, where their dark green piping highlights handsome legs, sitting as they do halfway between the lower hem of your leather shorts and the top of your shoes.


Worn traditionally with a loden blazer and waistcoat.

Speaking of shoes, this is the other important point. Although we won’t insult your intelligence by stressing that Reebok classics really do not go with lederhosen, Loferl don’t really go with any kind of Oktoberfest shoes other than the traditional brogues. Boots, sneakers in Bavarian style, whatever else: needs long socks.

But as long as you stick to these rules, there really is very little by way of traditional Bavarian costume that won’t go well with these strapping socks: whether you’re going for a more formal look with an ironed shirt and a velvet waistcoat, or whether you’re going for a more “off duty” look with a linen shirt or long-sleeve top, Loferl look great. In fact, this latter is a look that is really doing the running at the moment: there’s no better way to look cool and casual and still bring a distinct Oktoberfest vibe to your outfit.

Finally, perhaps we should mention one last thing, in case you’re still unsure of whether to take the plunge (through the calf-loops): these socks are amazingly comfortable Oktoberfest wear, leaving your legs open during the heat of the day and yet keeping your ankles and shins warm if it gets draughty in the evening. So much comfort and so much tradition? Only in Bavaria!

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