Mar 1, 2017

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Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017: Times and Trends

Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017: Times and Trends

Those of you who remembered that it was Pancake Day yesterday (or “Shrove Tuesday” in grandma parlance) will know what today is: the day that marks the countdown towards the Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017. Yes, Ash Wednesday. While that’s little more than a name in Britain, America, or Australia, in many parts of Germany, it’s a big thing. For everywhere that celebrates Carnival, Ash Wednesday is the day on which Lent dieters get to start swapping sausages for salad – and on which many stop drinking until Easter.

Many parts of Germany, but not all. Munich, for example, celebrates Mardi Gras (where it’s called Fasching), but residents aren’t expected to pack in the partying for long: a couple of weeks after Ash Wednesday, the Starkbierzeit or “strong beer time” begins. If you’re thinking of heading over to have a try of the 8-10% ABV brews, here’s all the information you need about where to go and when – and, of course, what to wear

Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017: Times

The beer that started a tradition: Paulaner Salvator

The most important thing to know this year is that, due to popular demand, rather than the customary two weeks, the good people at Paulaner am Nockherberg are only waiting one week from Ash Wednesday before cracking open the first kegs of their legendary Salvator brew. Following a televised cabaret event next Wednesday 8th March 2017, the hallowed beer hall in Munich’s Giesing quarter will be serving delicious strong brew until 2nd April.

And while Paulaner may be the inventors of the whole Starkbierfest idea they are not the only ones involved in the Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017. Those of you who are in Munich this weekend can start enjoying Löwenbröwenbräu’s version, Maximator (loooove those Transformer-style names!) – and the Löwenbräukeller location in the centre of Munich will be serving it until 9th April, giving you lionhearted beer-drinkers one whole month!.

Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017: Trends

The Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017 is where the trends for this year’s Oktoberfest first become visible. At the same time, however, the weather can still be wintry, so people tend to wrap up that slight bit warmer. Expect to see sturdy boots – for the girls too – if there’s still snow (and even if there isn’t, as a few litres of 8% brew are enough to knock anyone off their feet…)

For the lads, we recommend pimping up the usual Oktoberfest lederhosen/checked shirt combination with a festive white shirt and a proper Bavarian Janker blazer. The latter is made of broadcloth, i.e. thick woven wool pressed and treated to be wind and waterproof, and keeps you warm while looking smart and authentic. To really blend in with Munich’s most stylish men, finish the look with a velvet waistcoat.

For the ladies, the Munich Strong Beer Festival 2017 the perfect opportunity to try one of the many new, traditional-style smart dirndl dresses coming onto the market for this season. Look out for turquoise, for example, a long-standing favourite that, after doing a few years as the go-to colour for short party dirndls, is now working its way back into longer designs – as beautiful sheen-look aprons, for example. It combines beautifully with another trend in 2017: cream-coloured dirndl blouses with embroidered detail. Round off the ensemble with a matching Bavarian cardigan in beige or, if you really want to turn a few heads, a women’s Janker blazer.

After all, if the boys get to enjoy strong beer wearing a smart fitted jacket, why shouldn’t the ladies give it a try, too?


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