Aug 31, 2016

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Must-haves for the 2016 Wiesn

Must-haves for the 2016 Wiesn

Even the craziest, most dedicated fans of Bavarian fashion out there (i.e. us) don’t completely renew their wardrobe for the Oktoberfest every year – and especially not for the 2016 Wiesn, which is seeing a swing back to tradition. That means that your old lederhosen and your vintage dirndls have never been more welcome – and that the 2016 trends are about accessorising what you’ve already got.

Which is quite handy! Not only does it keep your bank balance looking healthy, but it makes it easy to keep up with the trends. So, without further ado, here are five small items we’ve spotted this summer that will must-haves at the Wiesn in 2016.

Five mandatory items for the 2016 Wiesn

  1. Hairpieces (for her)

Haarkranz-Blumenkranz-Reischl-26001-rose-ABereits auf den ersten Volksfesten des Sommers waren Madln ohne Even at this summer’s very earliest Bavarian beer festivals, girls without floral wreaths, hairbands, and other headpieces were in the minority; in the weeks leading up to the Oktoberfest, it’s becoming clear that it’s going to be all about hair this time round. Plaits, twists, weaves – and plenty of flowers.


  1. Linen shirts (for him)

Trachtenhemd-Pfoad-Stehkragen-Obis-DIOMO-blau-natu56be02832f71dGrandad shirts are bigger than ever in Bavaria: called Pfoad, the old-fashioned farmer’s style is simple, comfortable, and can take a lot of punishment. The fact that these half-button tops with crew necks are also massively on trend is a bonus.


  1. Bavarian chucks (for her)

Trachtenschuhe-Trachtenchucks-Chucks-Kruegerdirndl56be0616efd1aWhen you’re on your way to the tents – and even more so on the way back – there’s nothing better than a pair of Bavarian-style shoes that are easy to wear as well as stylish. This is where hybrid chuck trainers with Alpine patterns come into play (particularly suited to ladies’ lederhosen).


  1. Braces (for him)





Don’t all lederhosen already come with braces? Of course they do! But we all know that the traditional dungaree-style straps can look a bit, well, like dungarees and don’t suit smarter shirts. That’s why fashion-conscious gents are going for actual braces this year.




  1. Stag phone-pouches (für alle)

Yes, they’re cheesy as hell and ugly as it gets. Yes, for some reason, they’re on trend…

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