Mar 15, 2017

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Dirndl and Lederhosen for the Starkbierfest Munich: Shop the Look

Dirndl and Lederhosen for the Starkbierfest Munich: Shop the Look

Can you hear that sound? Yes, the hills are alive with the sound of… kegs being tapped! Everywhere in Bavaria, the weeks of Lent before Easter are time for strong beer, ceremonially tapped and then drunk to mild excess in beer halls and tents everywhere to celebrate the start of spring. And nowhere is this delicious tradition more pronounced than in the place where it was started: the Paulaner brewery on Munich’s delightful Nockherberg hill.

If you’re heading to this hallowed hall to sample its Salvator brew, or are attending any of the various other events to mark the Starkbierfest in Munich, you’ll need a suitably ceremonial Bavarian outfit. And to make it easy for you, we’re showing you our favourite outfits this year – one for the girls, one for the boys – so that you can shop the look and head off to say Prost! (All products delivered to UK, USA, and elsewhere.)

Starkbierfest Munich: Ladies first

For some time now, trends for dirndls have been steering away from bright colours towards pastels and darker, richer shades; which is why we’re opting for a classic beige and brown outfit this year. The core piece is a mid-length dirndl in nougat brown, classy and yet dressy thanks to its delicate lace apron and sheen ribbons on the front of the bodice. Its plunging neckline is compensated for by an off-the-shoulder blouse which covers up while attracting attention. Another eye-catcher on the chest is traditional floral necklace in a matching salmon pink, while a knitted dark brown cardigan balances out the outfit and makes sure that the lady wearing it feels clothed and confident. In other words, just the kind of look to get just the right amount of attention while enjoying some very strong beer…

Starkbierfest Munich: Now for the gents

When it comes to the Strong Beer Festival, men are supposed to misbehave a bit, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t take care to dress accordingly for this very special occasion. So it’s time to up your game and add a real Bavarian blazer to those lederhosen! Speaking of which: we’ve started this outfit with a very special pair of deerskin lederhosen in a light-brown fade featuring ornate light green embroidery. We’ve paired it with a classic anthracite grey Janker jacket with matching light green piping around the stand-up collar and along the outside pockets; a silk-finish waistcoat, also in green, rounds off the formal look, offering visual markers with the eye-catching red in its patterning.

Traditional Bavarian shoes with a twist – gloss finish leather and intricate lace-ups – are worn with typical Bavarian Loferl socks in brown and forest green to finish the outfit: robust, Bavarian, and bloody comfortable. Just how it should be.

So if you’re headed to the Starkbierfest Munich his year, take a leaf out of our book and get shopping!

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