Nov 22, 2017

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Hunker down this winter with Bavarian hoodies

Hunker down this winter with Bavarian hoodies

The temperatures are plummeting and there’s little hope of warm weather for the next three months. Yes, it’s winter, and yes, it’s cold, wet, and dark. Then again, as the Bavarians say: there’s no such thing as bad weather – just bad clothing! If anyone should know, it’s them. With heaps of snow every winter and icy Alpine winds, their decidedly central European climate makes them experts when it comes to wrapping up warm.

Yet, as tempting as it might be, you can’t necessarily go strolling around your average city in the English-speaking world in a traditional loden cape; and not all of us have got several hundred pounds to spare for one of (admittedly excellent) deerskin leather jackets that Munich’s stylish gentlemen use to keep the cold out. This winter, though, there’s an answer to this particular conundrum which allows us to enjoy the best of Alpine sartorial know-how without raising too many suspicious glances or bankrupting yourself: Bavarian hoodies.

Bavairan hoodies

Classic hoody design with typically Bavarian floral embroidery and check lining in the hood.

Bavairan hoodies

It’s a hoody, Houston, but not as we know it! Standard drawstring hood? Check. But look at that knit and the shoulder sew-ons…

Yes, Munich designers have turned their attention to this classic clothing item, producing a new range of stylish hooded winter jackets which combine a standard, everyday cut with various traditional design elements and high-quality German manufacturing practices. These new Bavarian hoodies come in chunky wool knits or typical sweat fabric, sometimes features sew-on pads or contrasting hoods in a different fabric.

For the gents, it’s about making the hoody into a rustic, robust piece of clothing which can stand up to the elements: look out for cable knit patterns and thick weaves as well as traditional elements such as buckhorn buttons in place of standard hoody zip fronts.

Bavairan hoodies Bavarian hooded jumper Bavarian hooded sweater

For ladies, the watchword is comfort: these Bavarian hoodies are soft to the touch and kind to skin, perfect for curling up on the sofa with a mug of tea and a plate of spicy biscuits while the icy rain sleets down outside. Classic details familiar from traditional Oktoberfest wear are present, but more understated, coming through as floral patterning around the hem on the hoods or along the zip, for instance.

Bavairan hoodies Bavarian hooded sweater



In any case, with the arrival of Bavarian hoodies, there’s nothing to stop us enjoying the best of German expertise when it comes to staying warm at home or out and about town this winter. Go ahead and joins us as we hunker down for the duration with these fantastic cross-over pieces.

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